Saturday, February 20, 2016

Seriotype Mani with Native War Paints TWD Heartthrob Trio

| Purchased by Me |

Hello again, polish friends!  Today I wanted to share my Valentine's Day was also the mid season premier of The Walking Dead and some of us wanted to do a mani collab for the occasion.

Here I tried out a seriotype mani that I learned by watching Nichole of the blog Bedlam Beauty.  It's not up to her skill, but I couldn't decide which of the trio to use, so this was a good option, I thought.
Native War Paints Shot by Cupid's Crossbow, I'm Dating a Daredevil, Officer Handsome were all sponged on randomly.
I added 2 coats of The Elusive Fox by Frenzy Polish to my accent nail to be the base for my TWD nail decal by Green Goddess Creations.  Because Daryl!  I painted the back white to make sure he stood out amongst all the sparkles...he's not Edward, you know!
Then I stamped with the Zombie Love plate from Uber Chic Beauty with M Polish To Have and to Holo.

TWD all the things!  Thanks for popping by!

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