Monday, June 27, 2016

Polish Your Dreams - Welcome to Wonderland

|Purchased by Me|

Today I have a swatch of one of the polishes from the Welcome to Wonderland collection by Polish Your Dreams.  I did mirror drop macros of the rest, because I love doing them!

Do you ever think to yourself, "Self, your nails are so long now!  Let's do a cool shape with them!"  I did!  I went from long square to this scary and uneven shape that was supposed to be coffin.  I messed up one and then the whole thing went downhill from there.  I now am rocking rounded nails because anything was better than this!  I can clearly only only do square, squoval and rounded on myself.  UGH!

The polish I swatched is called Off With Their Heads.  I do love a good true red!

Formula:  Tiniest bit thicker because of all the goodies in it, but nothing excessive.
Application:  Easy to apply. None of the glitters stick up, so it's pretty smooth.
Wear:  I wore this for 2 days with no wear shown.  

Removal:  The larger glitters might stick to the nail while removing.  Easy removal with no staining.
Polish Your Dreams Off With Their HeadsPolish Your Dreams Off With Their Heads
Polish Your Dreams Off With Their Heads
Polish Your Dreams Off With Their Heads
Polish Your Dreams 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Polish Your Dreams Mad As A Hatter
Polish Your Dreams My Reality Is Just Different Than Yours
Polish Your Dreams The Champion of Underland
Polish Your Dreams All The Best People Are Entirely Bonkers
Polish Your Dreams The Choice Is Yours
Polish Your Dreams Beware the Bandersnatch

I'm a fan of Alice in Wonderland and I even read Through the Looking Glass when I was a kid.  I'm hard to please with the live action of movies, but I really liked the first one...of course Johnny Depp was in it, so maybe that swayed me.  What do you think of this Wonderland inspired collection?  Lacq it or leave it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ever After Custom - Ariel

| Gift |

Hello again, lovelies.  Today I have a special mani to share.  Rachel, co-owner of Ever After, and I are in an indie only swap together and I was her partner for the last swap. She knows I'm obsessed with The Little Mermaid (my daughter's name is Ariel) and made me a 7 piece collection. I named  it 7 Sisters of the Sea.  I'll share my mirror drop macros of each one and the mani I did using Ariel.
Ever After Polish Arista
Ever After Polish Attina
Ever After Polish Adella
Ever After Polish Ariel
Ever After Polish Aquata
Ever After Polish Andrina
Ever After Polish Alana
I used Ariel first, because ARIEL!  I'm a bit partial, but I do what I want.  I used some vinyls from Lou It Yourself to really make it an Ariel inspired mani.  Who doesn't need a dinglehopper on their nails?  NOBODY, that's who!
Ever After Polish Ariel
Ever After Polish Ariel
I'm not going to ask you if you'd lacq it or leave it because it's mine!  All mine!  I don't share my The Little Mermaid polish well with others.  Surely you understand!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Come On Barbie Mani

| Purchased by Me |

Hey everyone!  I hope you're all staying cool with summer now in full swing.  I know it's been rough in Kansas so far.  *wipes brow

I'm behind on blogging and posting in general, so I'm sharing one from a while back to play catch up.

I used every polish in the Barbie themed Awesome Sauce: Indie Box in this mani.  Miranda, co-owner of Ever After, challenged me to use them all.  Easy enough when they're all lovely!  If you want to get all the details on upcoming boxes there's an AS:IB FB page you can check out right here.

White:  Anonymous Lacquer - Bridezilla
Pink:  Cupcake Polish - Barbie Girl
Blue:  Ever After Polish - Malibu Barbie
Purple:  Lavish Polish - Let's Go Party
Black:  Vapid Lacquer - Demolition Barbie

I was able to stamp with Demolition Barbie with no issues.  Bonus!
For the chevrons I used my vinyl nail masques on my Uber Chic mat and colored it in to make a decal.  It was my first time trying the swirly designed vinyl and I had to add a lot of top coat afterwards to smooth it out...not sure how I feel about that at all.

Do you pre-order your own Awesome Sauce: Indie Box?  Do you lacq it or leave it?